The 5 best client portal and management plugins

The client is always at the heart of the concerns of all business matters and nowadays there are different solutions to satisfy them as for example client management or even client portal by virtual ways. Client management (or client portal) is at the core of any business as they are always looking for innovative and attractive ways to interact with their customers and create better products and services for their clients.

Creating customer relationships is very important for businesses, as they enable the business owners and businesses to forge strong connections with the customers that will encourage them to return for business. Client management is essential for creating such relationships, which also helps businesses to create strong marketing strategies, generate powerful leads, get to know about the needs of their customers, and as a result better their products and services.

The importance of client management plugins

In order to manage your clients, you need to start looking after the experiences that they are facing while interacting with your company or business. Client portals and CRM tools are innovative and brilliant that have come a long way since their inception. Sharing important documents and files with your customers is very important in order to make them aware of the business that you are carrying out. Client management plugins enable you to share such files is a simple and secure manner. Sharing files with the help of such a plugin is as easy as uploading a picture on your Facebook account. Collaborating with the client has been made ten times easier with the help of such client management plugins.

Inspecting and uploading documents, asking for feedback and clarification, making requests and notes, and many other tasks associated with client interaction has been made possible, simple, and organized with the help of such plugin tools. You don’t have to adopt every latest cutting-edge technology that comes into the market, but in order to keep a competitive stance in a rapidly evolving environment, adopting some modern techniques is integral to business growth.

Top 5 of the client portal and management plugins

  • Clustdoc Client Portal : Clustdoc Client Portal is the best client portal plugin for WordPress that is available in the market now. A software that is capable of assorting client data in an organized fashion in specific folders in your account, and assigning specific leads to team members of your company. Having a security feature that is bank-grade, this plugin is easy and safe to use. It also has engaging features that attract clients and can create forms that are perfect. The availability of online payment options that are secure and quick makes it the best plugin in this entire list.

client portal plugin

  • Ukuu People :Easy and simple to use, this plugin allows you to store and manage contacts from a master list. These lists are known as tribes and you can also initiate interactions with each of these contacts using TouchPoint. Adding team members and assigning them tasks is also easy with the use of this plugin.

crm plugin

  • WP CRM : Adding custom meta data has never been easier than it is with the help of this WordPress user management system. Fonts and Forms that are easy to use are another lucrative feature of this plugin. WP CRM also has a powerful filtering capability that allows you to sort different customers on the basis of specific attributes that you add.

crm plugin

  • WordPress to Salesforce CRM : If your business is already using Salesforce CRM then this plugin is the best way to connect your WordPress site to the CRM software of Salesforce. Synchronizing and managing leads that your website has captured is also very easy with the help of this plugin.

crm salesforce plugin

  • UpiCRM : It is a plugin that allows you to capture and manage plugins within WordPress, and works best with the contact form on your WordPress and with Google Analytics.


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