These tools will help you as a real estate brokers

Technology has seeped through every noticeable quarter of the modern world, and the world of a real estate professional is no stranger to such developments. The most exhaustive part of a real estate broker or agent’s job is trying to locate new clients for their business. The highest amount of money and time that is spent by real estate agents and brokers is behind finding new leads. These needs can be solved by some tools like client portal, follow up boss… Why ? How ? 

This does raise the question of what different tactics or strategies some real estate brokers that lead the market are adopting, that makes their approach, business so profitable, and miles ahead of their competitors. Being in the real estate business, it is very important to have a very deep understanding about the market trends and the various risks that are associated with the different purchasing choices available.

In order to tackle such requirements and have a proper understanding about where the business stands, it is important to invest in high quality tools that will help in providing you with all the necessary information that you would need to make an educated decision, before you choose to sell or buy a property investment. We have listed five of the best tools that will help you to maximize profits for your business.


Invoicera is a groundbreaking app that has been aiding real estate agents and brokers overcome their complex problems related to electronic invoices. With the use of this application, you can easily track time, send and create invoices that have your logo on it and accept various payments online. Owing to their easy and safe features, invoicera has become a popular choice for millions of realtors worldwide.

Clust Client Portal

Clust Client Portal is one of the best client portals WordPress has, that is best optimized to handle this job. It allows easy gathering of client’s information. Website owners can take advantage of this client portal software to create online forms and gather client data in a comprehensive and efficient manner. Each documents can be easily assimilated into proper folders and tasks can be assigned to each accordingly. Clust client portal also offers the option of safe and secure payments online, with provision for e-signatures as well to enhance the security levels. The security system used in this client portal software is of bank-grade and thereby very convenient for use by realtors. Brokers and realtors could like this type of tool for its efficiency and fluidity.

Top Producer

The leading CRM tool in the market for realtors, Top Producer has been immensely popular through all this time owing to their constant updates and new features that make their product as attractive as it was when it first came out. Their integrations with several sources of lead capture make them highly efficient for real estate agents and brokers, and Top Producer is constantly adding more of the same to increase their efficiency. Once you get a hang of how to use Top Producer, and get a hold of navigating their platform, productivity is going to be the first benefit that you will receive as a result of using this amazing tool.

FollowUp Boss

FollowUp Boss is another innovative platform which can enable teams to effectively distribute leads and immediately contact them. The automatic notification via email or text feature of this platform, intimates agents/owners as soon as they come in. FollowUp Boss also allows you to locate the sources of your leads and understand the most beneficial parts of your real estate business. You can locate and figure out which website is providing you with the largest amount of leads. The easy round-robin system that this platform has is another sensational feature that it provides to real estate agents and brokers, whereby you can sort and assign specific leads to various team members of your company. It also provides easy navigation and detailed information regarding each lead on their CRM’s sidebar, making your work seamless and smooth.


Are you satisfied with this top ? Tell us in the comments section by making your own top of plugins which can help real estate and brokers !

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