Improve your client management with these plugins !

Client management has never been more important, than it is now, given the huge majority of clients every business owner has to deal with on a daily basis. Client portals and CRM tools have become a very popular tool that allows both parties to keep track of their products, manage and share their individual contents in a seamless manner. 

Being completely online, collaborating with the customer has never been easier. Clients can now easily access important information that they seek, like account information, ordering history, past invoices, shipping addresses, and many other resources, through these portals. Service automation, that has been designed in order to easily manage a customer’s complete journey starting from lead generation, to order, to the ongoing maintenance of the account has been made easier with the help of CRM tools. The experience of the customer as well as the ease at which each of these clients is managed by businesses has been made easier with the help of client portals and CRM tools.  We have done a list of  5 of the most powerful client portal and CRM plugins available in the market at the moment to improve your client management. 

5 top plugins for WordPress to improve your client management

Clustdoc Client Portal

wordpress clust client portal page

A client portal software that is also great in job applications for WordPress and other customer relationship related tasks like online forms, payments, etc. Clustdoc is easy to use and secure plugin that WordPress has. It also allows you to store client information comprehensively in an organized fashion.

Ultimate Private Member Portal

If you are thinking about creating member sides with the help of a full-featured plugin on your website then Ultimate Private Member Portal is the plugin to choose. You get admin rights to customize each and every content that is shown to the client, based on their specificities and all of this can be done quite easily by simply selecting the user on your website. You can even create separate tabs inside the plugin to fill it with the type of content that you desire.


A free CRM tool, WP ERP enables you to enjoy smooth community, opportunity and lead listing; has an inbuilt communication system via emails that is very efficient; includes listings for company profiles; innovative feature of logging for every single event; has an activity overview that is easy to use and enables you to create email notifications and schedules.

WordPress Leads

Improve your client management with these plugins !

 Completely free of cost, this brilliant WordPress plugin has a visual form builder that is inbuilt and easy to use, can automatically detect data and collect it from the huge range of data which is submitted, track the exact page on which your lead was before converting into a customer and also enables you to sync with a third-party CRM if you happen to have one.


With a design that is focused on improving user management significantly, WP CRM has brilliant user organization, filtering, and editing features; has features which enable you to easily add new attributes to the customer details that you have, comes with front-end contact forms, you can integrate WP-invoice and group notifications as an add-on feature and also includes interactive charts that allow you to measure your progress.

And you? What are you using for the moment? Did you already have client management software? Tell us everything in the comments section!

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