How to onboard new clients as a small business?

10 of the most used solutions to receive client applications

When talking about onboarding new clients, the first experience that they have on your website is critical. It is quite correct how the saying, ‘the first impression is the last impression’ makes so much sense over here. Therefore, it is important for your website owner, to make sure that the experience your prospects have on your website is worthwhile and this article will talk about some great ways to make this experience count as a small business. Let’s discover together how to onboard new clients for your small business. 

A very popular and erroneous theory that many business owners hold is that they have achieved success with a client as soon as they have signed up for a product, or filled the signup form on your website. However, this theory is flawed owing to the statistic that as many as 40-60% of users of various software never open an app for the second time after having logged in the first time. It is very important for every business owner to focus greatly on two important steps that need to be ensured so that the onboarding experience of the customer is as worthwhile as possible. This is even more essential for owners of small businesses.

These two steps include:

  • Getting them to sign up for your product/service
  • Ensuring that they get the taste of success after using your product/service for the first time

The time and experience that lies between the aforementioned two steps is the major cause of customers never using your product or service ever again. Losing your customers after they have signed up for it can be largely attributed to complex steps and procedures, your clients getting lost, them being offered something that is hard to comprehend, lack of value and utility from the product or service that they have signed up for or simply the loss of interest. Therefore, it is important to focus on the customer’s experience and satisfaction between the times the customer signed up for your product to the time started enjoying that product.

Some ways to ensure that customers have a great onboarding experience

Build relationships

Probably the first and foremost step of any client portal or website owner must be to build a sustainable relationship with the client. This relationship needs to be forged with trust and this can only be achieved if your services/products are easy to understand. It is important to forego complex steps and procedures and make sure that the client can easily understand each step of the onboarding process for a small business so that no doubts remain in his/her heart or mind.

Clustdoc is a brilliant client portal software that enables you to create online sign up forms that are easy to understand and follow. The plugin is also capable of creating engaging layouts and user-interfaces that help ease the experience of the customer, thereby enabling them to have an enjoyable experience. It is also important to note that following-up on a customer is just as important as providing them with a satisfactory sign up experience.

Without proper following-up, your leads will lose interest and might just end up subscribing to one of your competitors. Clustdoc allows the website owners to assign leads to specific members of their team so that the following-up is done on time and is done effectively and efficiently. It also stores the data in a comprehensive and efficient manner so that it is not hard to locate individual information about a customer with ease and provide them with personalized solutions that will help to endear them further to your services or products.

Providing security to your customer

Another important aspect of ensuring a great onboarding experience is to provide your customers with solid security. Clients are usually apprehensive about divulging personal information and financial information to a third party. By ensuring security, you build trust in their hearts, so that they can provide you with such information without the fear of being tricked.


Clustdoc provides bank-grade security features to your customers, enabling them to make online transactions without any fear and with complete ease. This is a very important step to ensuring that your clients do not become dissatisfied with your services and start resenting you for getting their money lost or even worse become vulnerable to online security threats.

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