Going paperless is good for your small business

In the modern workplace, traditional cabinets have been unable to cope up with the increasing demands that they pose. Filing documents, searching for documents that have been misfiled and the actual loss of important documents are all flaws that plague the modern workplace and even cost a substantial amount of money to the business. Time lost because of this manual and outdated mode of accumulating data is high as well. Therefore, modern workplaces are looking for paperless solutions that will help them reinvent the workplace and make it more suitable to meet the demands that increased productivity and client bases prevalent in today’s world.

The importance of using a document management and file sharing service

Different client portals, document management software, and services offering file-sharing have emerged in the present day and age, to help modern workplaces eliminate the losses they suffer due to manual documentation via paper.

With the dawn of the internet and platforms like WordPress, which offer lucrative client portal software, managing information via paperless methods has never been easier.

The theory that revolves around having a ‘paperless office’ consists of the idea that little to almost no paper will be used in order to store and maintain information that is important for the company.

These recent innovations, that have paved the way for new plugins for WordPress and other client portal software to take advantage of the paperless method of storing information and client’s data is better than the old model in the sense, that these new methods are far more secure, organized and efficient as compared to the traditional methods.

Effective assimilation of data has been made possible with the emergence of such innovations, and modern workplaces are booming in productivity owing to this.

Some other benefits that businesses reap by being able to create a paperless office include saving up on time, money, and space, while also not being plowed down by a huge mountain of paper.

Clustdoc client portal

Clustdoc client portal is the best when it comes to creating a paperless environment for modern offices.

It is a secure client application management platform, that is capable of providing its visitors with a password-protected section, where they can fill out forms, receive files, upload documents, send messages, and read out instructions.

The best feature about the client portal is that whatever client portal you might be using, or whichever plan of Clustdoc you might have subscribed to; there is no limitation to the number of applications you can receive from your clients.

You can also make sure that every lead is taken care of by using the innovative features of this client portal software, to assign every incoming application to a team member of your business.

The organization is unparalleled when you are using it, as this software gathers the information submitted by the clients automatically into comprehensive accounts that get stored in your account. Notifications on important files, approving or discarding files that are erroneous, and collaborating seamlessly with stakeholders, as well as many other features are all part of the great benefits that Clustdoc offers to its users.

Some of the best and many features that it offers to their clients include online forms, application IDs, file sharing, file requests, secure online payments, e-signatures, auto assigning, and auto-reminders.

Tell us below in the comments section, another solution for going paperless for small business!

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