Clust file requests button is live in Google Chrome

Your time is precious. That’s why at Clust, we’re working hard to provide you with a beautifully simple document collection software. Today, we’ve taken our obsession for productivity and efficiency to another level by releasing our Chrome Browser free extension.

Because we definitely want you to stop switching between taps, we’re bringing the power of your favorite document request tool into your browser toolbar.

Clust Document Request Button is a Chrome extension that lets you request a list of supporting documents to clients, suppliers, candidates and more. This great add-on will help you stay focused and get things done on time.

Meet your new Document Request button

The Clust Document Request Button gives you the ability to access your Clust Request templates and use them to send out Document requests to whoever you need to in a single click!

Not only does our Document Request button add speed and focus to your document collection process, but the extension will help you take action faster while you’re browsing online, speaking on the phone or having a meeting.

Get more done every day

When installed, you will be able to send document requests to anyone in one click whenever you’re on your computer, browsing online.

How to Install the Request Button?

1. Click “Add to Chrome”, the Clust Document Collection extension will be added to your Chrome window

2. Log in to Clust from the extension menu by clicking on ‘Where do I find my API Key’ or from Clust login screen

3. Or Sign up free by clicking on the Registration link available in the extension Menu

4. Within your Clust account click on your name on the Main Menu and go to ‘My Account>API Integrations

5.Name your API and ‘Assign All abilities

6. Copy the API code and paste it into your Clust Chrome Extension where required

7. Send document requests using your Clust extension and supercharge your document collection!

Check out this article dedicated to the Document Request button on the FAQ to learn more

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