Client portal for mortgage websites : benefits + tutorial

Kudos! Your Mortgage website is up and running. You are now looking for ways to create a simple client access portal where you’ll be able to connect with potential clients and prospects. Or you’ve already found online forms, chat modules but still need a smart way to engage these leads without a headache. We can help. Here is our guide on setting up a client portal for mortgage websites including a quick tutorial to set up yours.

So you’ve heard great things about contact forms and chat modules and added them to your mortgage website. Everything went smooth, but you’re facing another problem. How to onboard new mortgage leads more easily?

Look no further.

You need a client portal for your mortgage website. 

What is a secure client portal?

A client portal is a secure, restricted area on your mortgage website that clients or visitors can get access to anytime.

Some of these interactions include sending mortgage documents, communicating with you, checking private information or documentation and so on.

Through a secure client portal, you could also approve or deny your client documents as part of their mortgage application.

The result?

A secure client portal for your mortgage website provides clients a concrete way to take action while they are on your website.

It will help you cut the risk of churn and keep potential leads engaged as soon as they want to know more about your services.

When it comes to customer experience and satisfaction, setting up a client portal is also a way to improve clients collaboration while saving yourself precious time.

What are the benefits of a secure client portal?

There many benefits in setting up a secure client portal on your mortgage website. Here are 3 main advantages for your business.

   Improve your client experience

A client portal is a modern and innovative entry point to your sales process. While you and your team are busy helping existing clients, prospects can start the application process without further delay.

They can start reading more about your service in a dedicated area or send you some of the mortgage documents required. They can even ask questions without flooding your inbox.

A client portal offers a clear onboarding process that any of your client can follow without any help. They no longer have to write down your phone number or to expect a call from you to get what they need.

   Boost your team productivity

As most client portals are built on the Cloud, in a way to reduce repetitive tasks for you and your team, you can focus on what matters.

Your client portal will automate most interactions required as part of the mortgage application or pre-qualification process.

You capture once the steps and related instructions to be followed by clients and won’t have to reinvent the wheel for each new client.

Information is transmitted in clear and effective way, allowing your client and your team to stay on the same page throughout the process.

   Save time and money

If you’re using emails, contact forms or a Cloud Drive solution to kick off your mortgage application process, it’s more likely that you’re wasting money.

A client portal not only decreases the cost of repetitive tasks but also eliminates the potential business inertia associated to manual processes.

When using a company portal, you can also cut the cost of office supplies (fax, printed paper, phone calls) and get to work on growing your business.

Tutorial: Let’s set up a client portal for your mortgage website

If you’re juggling between many tools to onboard your mortgage leads, you’ll find great value in switching to a secure client portal on your mortgage website.

Clust offers an intuitive and modern client portal for mortgage brokers and loan originators. Here is a quick walk-through on how to set up your own in under 10 minutes.

1. Gather useful information in one place

When looking for a mortgage, clients visit many websites. If valuable information is spread around your website, it will be hard for them to read it.

And you certainly know about the website visitors laziness syndrome.

With your Clust client portal, you can gather useful information in a single place and make sure they have access to it anytime. All you have to do is to attach to your portal the required documentation.

Benefits: Removes the initial friction and complexity around the mortgage loan process.

2. Provide a clear process for users

Mortgage applications are oftentimes confusing for customers. There is too much information to digest which can create a lot of friction.

As you’re not always around to help or clarify, you may end up with an incomplete application or an email inbox full of customers questions.

With Clust, you can create a mortgage documents upload center that is displayed in a nice and organized way for clients. Each required document as its own instructions which makes it easy to understand.

Each needs list is automatically saved into your Clust account.

Benefits: Boosts the conversion rate of your mortgage applications

3. Don’t miss the deadline

Because we know you have to stay in control, you have the ability to add due dates to your Clust client portal so nothing falls through the cracks.

This will allow the app to send automated reminders to clients and therefore boost your chances to get what you need on time.

4. Be transparent and professional

Clients really appreciates staying informed during a mortgage process. Nothing worst than not knowing what’s going on or what’s next.

With the messaging system that comes with your Clust secure portal, you can keep clients updated along the way.

You can also approve and comments on wrong documents, allowing them to know what needs to be done and what’s already validated.

Benefits: Removing anxiety due to the lack of information during the process.

5. Speed up through client onboarding

  Speed up your sales cycle

Once you’re done verifying client documents, it’s very easy with our client portal to collaborate on them internally or download them for your own records.

Clust allows you to share the received documents with stakeholders to gather more feedback. Once done, you can easily synchronize your client’s dossiers with your favorite cloud solution.

Clients are now ready to move on to the next step of your sales process.

Wrap up

Ready to set up your own secure client portal for free? Go to Clust and get started in 10 minutes!

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