5 WordPress plugins that will maximize your productivity

WordPress is a content management system that started out first, as a small and simple tool for blogging. Over the years, it has developed immensely and become a very lucrative and attractive platform for website owners to work on. The best thing about WordPress is that almost any person can start building a website, even if he does not have the technical knowledge of programming, web designing, CSS, HTML or other complicated coding languages and enhance the productiviy of the business with potential plugins. 

WordPress allows users to incorporate various themes, create websites that are custom-built and include various attractive designing aspects to the website, which would have required extensive knowledge about programming otherwise.

Today, you don’t necessarily need to be or hire a WordPress expert to get started with a fully operational modern website. All you’ll need to do is to take the help of a new plugin for WordPress and start building an easier online experience.

So how can you do that?

Very easy. Once you have your website up and running, an important aspect that you need to take care of, and guarantee, is that everything is working fast and smooth. Otherwise, the productivity of your website and business suffers a toll.

We have summarized for you five of the best plugins for WordPress that will assist you in simplifying the process of website development and help you in boosting the productivity of your website.

Clust Client Portal



Probably the best client portal WordPress has, Clust is very easy to use and makes receiving and managing client applications on your website a very easy and simple task. The online app has an intuitive setting and it is highly secure.

Clust is a client portal and document collection system, that makes sure you receive client applications without a hiccup from borrowers , candidates, clients or suppliers. Clust is also very quick to install and integrates in a seamless fashion into the WordPress page that you have.

Engaging, organized and bank-grade security features enables Clust to guarantee that your business would boom. This is the perfect client portal software for your WordPress site.

WP Touch


A vast amount of your potential customers will be lost if you do not maximize on the vast mobile market that has emerged in recent times as smartphones have gained immense popularity. One of the most important aspects of any client portal software of today’s day and age is to capitalize on this huge mobile market because statistics show that as much as 9% of webpages of numerous companies are visited through the help of a mobile phone.

WP Touch is a quick and easy plugin for WordPress that lets you reformat your website and optimize it for mobile phones.

It is quick and easy to use, you can choose from stock icons, and all you need to do is to install it and tweak a few settings here and there. WP Touch also offers premium features with their WP Touch Pro, which is also known to boost traffic generated from your smartphone-optimized website. To conclude, this plugins will maximize your productivity on wordpress. 

Broken links checker

Backlinks are a very important part of every website, which is used by the business owner to redirect his/her visitors to external websites, products pages, and the likes. However, due to a webpage being replaced, or a link not being functional anymore, your website can be accumulated with broken links. Broken links are links which are not working anymore, and usually, lead the visitor to a page showing ‘404 error’.

Owing to there being several redirecting links being present on one website, it can become a hard task to find out each broken link manually. For any client portal WordPress has, or for a website in general, having broken links affects the SEO ranking of the website, and also results in the loss of a potential customer.

Therefore, it is important to find these broken links and replace them with links that are working. Broken Link Checker is a WordPress plugin that does this task in a jiffy and saves you the effort and time of having to do the mundane task manually. You can save your business while also saving your time and maximize your productivity on wordpress with this plugin. 

RelNofollow Checkbox

Rel Nofollow

Adding a nofollow mark-up is very important when dealing with external links on your websites, especially when dealing with affiliate links. Google crawlers follow the link and at times, your website’s ranking is transferred to the affiliate website that you mentioned as part of your content. 

This results in lower ranking of your page and transferring a major amount of your business to the other links, since they get to rank higher on search engines, owing to the SEO optimization that you had done for your website. However, in order to add this mark-up, you are required to have some knowledge about coding in HTML, and even those who do have such knowledge can find the process time-consuming.

The relnofollow Checkbox, on the other hand, is a relatively new plugin for WordPress, which makes this task easier, with your entire task of turning a link into a no follow link being limited to clicking a checkbox beside the link in the insert-link section of the visual editor.


Akismet plugin wordpress

Spam and malicious content are two of the biggest nemesis that a well-functioning website has. Checking your contact forms and comments in order to locate spam and stopping your website from being vulnerable to content which is malicious is a very real threat and needs to be tackled with precise means.

Akismet is the plugin tool for people owning client portals that will help resolve this issue. Askimet not just filters all your contact forms and comments to weed out spam, it also provides ample protection to your website from attacks of malicious content that get submitted as part of such forms.


Make your own top of your incredible plugins which can maximise the productivity in wordpress on the comments !

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