5 Best Automation & Marketing Tools for Lenders & Mortgage Brokers

Top 5 Marketing & Automation Tools for Lenders (That Will Increase Your Productivity & Profitability)

Being knee-deep in the alternative lending market business, you know it has been growing at a steady rate of CAGR 8% for the last couple of years. If this pace keeps up, we’re looking at a market value of US$400 million by 2024.

But here’s the deal — while this growth rate is great for business, it also means that you will have more competition to deal with.

Now, you can decide to take on this competition the old fashioned way…

… hustling for leads by bugging friends and family until they stop returning your calls… 

… working 16-hour days (yes, even Saturdays and Sundays)… 

… and wasting hours on mind-numbing, repetitive tasks.


You could finally level up your business by using time-saving and profit-boosting tech tools for online lenders.

In this post, we showcase 5 tools for online lenders. But, these are not just any tools. They’re the tools that have the potential to transform how you do business, making you faster, more agile and more accurate. And helping you to grow your bottom line. 

And, yes, one of them is Clustdoc. But, there are a few more on the list that might come in handy if you decide to automate and level-up your loan origination process.

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Ready to get the inside scoop on the best lending and brokerage online tools?

Let’s get into it.

1.Leadfeeder – Never Miss a B2B Lead Again

How many potential business-owning customers visit your site every month?

A thousand? Two thousand? 10 thousand?

But how many of them actually contact you? Definitely not that many, right? Maybe 1 or 2% of that number, if that.

But what if you could reach out to them?

Well, with Leadfeeder, you can.

Leadfeeder is a done-for-you lead generation tool. It works great if you predominantly deal with companies and B2B lending. Leadfeeder ticks away quietly in the background and produces a very useful daily report. This report is full of marketing goodies: company name, industry, relevant email addresses, and other publicly available data.

Now, instead of twiddling your thumbs, you can get intentional with prospecting. Due to the current situation, a lot of businesses are looking for commercial mortgages, loans, or refinancing. Use Leadfeeder to identify and reach out to them before your competitors do. 

2.Build Your Email List (& Sell) with ConvertKit

“Email takes too much time. Email is too much work. Email doesn’t really work in our industry.”

When it comes to email marketing, we’ve heard all the excuses. But, one thing is undeniable — whatever your industry, email marketing offers the best return on investment for your marketing bucks. And that ROI is 3,800% – for every $1 you invest in email marketing, you get $38 back!

Now, are you really ready to let that slip away?

We didn’t think so, which is why ConvertKit is #2 on our list of best online tools for lenders and mortgage brokers.

With ConvertKit, you get access to opt-in forms designed to grow your base of subscribers. Once these subscribers are in there, you can schedule regular emails — tips, tricks, offers, and more — to connect to and nurture those leads. And you can really home in on personalization to ensure that you’re sending relevant stuff to various segments on your list.

Not everyone is ready for a loan or a refinancing scheme right this minute, and that’s okay. With regular emails, you make sure that your services are top of mind once they are ready.

3.Automate CDD & KYC Checks with Sumsub

Governments around the world are cracking down on money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

As they should.

Unfortunately, though, this means more work for you — Customer Due Diligence (CDD) and Know Your Customer (KYC) checks can take a lot of time, and can even cause client churn.

Well, KYC checks used to take a lot of time.

But not if you use Sumsub.

Sumsub is an AI-driven KYC/AML software that integrates with a wide variety of the tools that you already use. Basically, it’s a turnkey solution that speeds up the verification process significantly, allowing you to stay compliant with CDD regulation without making your potential clients jump through a million flaming hoops.

Sumsub works with 6,500+ types of documents from 220+ countries and territories. And, if you hit a verification snag in the process, they offer 24/7 support that will iron out any kink you come across in a matter of minutes.

4.Get Accurate Credit Insights with ScoreMe

Figuring out whether someone is eligible for a loan, mortgage, or refinancing takes a lot of math (and a lot of time).

So what do you do?

You request their bank statements, financial records, and payslips, and you sit down to crunch the numbers. 

Depending on the number of documents you need to go through, this can take from a couple of minutes to a couple of hours. The whole process is further complicated (of course) by the fact that these documents are not uniform. So you spend additional time figuring out formats, magnitudes of data, and bank-specific narrations.

But what if there was a way to do all this faster? Would you give it a try?

If you’ve answered yes, you need to take a look at ScoreMe.

ScoreMe is one of the best online tools for lenders because a) it saves time, and b) it reduces human errors to a minimum.

With ScoreMe, you can analyze and compare different bank and financial statements (from various banks), and get valuable and benchmarkable insights that allow you to gauge someone’s creditworthiness.

Use ScoreMe to do an initial screening of a borrower (or to verify your math) without having to ask someone to double-check things for you. Also, the tool has a handy KYC feature built-in (and that streamlines and shortens the verification process considerably).

5.Level-Up Your Doc Collection & Process Flows with Clustdoc

Last — but definitely not least — on our list of online lending and mortgage tools is Clustdoc.

Clustdoc is an all-in-one process-hacking and document-collection tool for lenders that’s going to help you shave hours of tedious work every week, even if:

… you’re just starting to use online lending tools (our intuitive interface is a breeze)… 

… you’re dealing with hundreds to thousands of loan applications every week… 

… you handle everything business-related with your smartphone (our mobile app rocks).

Clustdoc eliminates the need for constant back-and-forth emailing. Instead, your clients get to upload all necessary loan documentation in a flash. It even sends out regular reminders if a client accidentally lets something slip.

Additional Clustdoc features include a collab tool, instant messaging, integrated forms and templates, GDPR compliance, automated follow-ups, e-signature, and third-party integration with verification apps and CMS systems.


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