10 of the most used solutions to receive client applications

Receive client applications is very important when it comes to increasing and expanding the pool of leads, and talent that the business might need from its clients.  Online application forms can be of many types starting from job applications, tenancy applications, student applications, mortgage application,s etc. These application forms enable the users filling them up to better locate the services which would suit their need and also enables the service providers to locate and identify the customers that need their services the most. 

It is a task, which needs to include a number of comprehensive steps in order to ensure that all the details that are filled up in the forms are true and adequate and that the best solutions can be provided based on that information. It makes the entire process of providing services easier for the business owner and also makes it seamless for the customer to receive the services he/she desires. 

10 solutions to create a seamless client application workflow

1- Make sure that the most basic details like name, contact number, email address are covered as part of the application form. Google Forms is a good choice for jobs of this kind.

2- Request the exact needs that the applicant has and if possible provide a place that would be adequate for including extra details, if the customer has any. Zendesk can be used in order to achieve such results.

3- Ask for important documents to be uploaded as part of the application form, which may be relevant and important for the application to be processed. Zendesk is again, good software to take care of tasks like these.

4- For job applications, ask for recommendation letters from an employer the user has worked for previously. LiveAgent is a good tool to handle the uploading of such files.

5- Ask for a user’s portfolio based on the relevant application form that client is filling up.

6- Make sure that you had built up your application form in advance before any coding work has to be done on the website. This will enable you to kick-start the process as soon as your website is up and running. Microsoft Forms can be used to create forms in advance that you can use later when the coding is done.

7- Choose the specific questions that need to be part of your application form. Make sure that they cover every important aspect of the application form. You can create custom forms with the help of the free form builder present online from HubSpot.

8- Design the application form to be engaging, easy to understand and easier to navigate. Complicated application forms often deter customers for even filling them up. Make sure that it is also a quick process. Too much time is another cause of customers leaving halfway through filling up the form. Microsoft Forms is again a good choice to create simple forms.

9- Upload the application form to the business website that you have so that it is easily accessible to those looking for it. LiveAgent can accomplish this task for you easily.

10- Make sure you provide ample security to your application forms. People are very scared of divulging their personal information online, and they should have no reason to fear your application forms. Hence, security needs to be a top priority. Zendesk is fairly secure to help you accomplish this task.

Using Clustdoc Client Portal

If you are looking for the perfect solution that enables you to receive client applications online, Clustdoc Client Portal is the perfect plugin to choose from. All the solutions that have been listed above are part of Clustdoc, as it is an all-inclusive new plugin for WordPress. Clustdoc can be easily integrated into WordPress, taking away the tension of having to incorporate your forms manually into your website.

You can easily achieve this task by working on your WordPress dashboard where the plugin has been installed. Clustdoc is a client portal software, that not only takes care of efficient and organized assimilation of the client’s details, sorting them into specific folders, it also allows you the functionality of assigning each of the leads to specific team members so that they can follow-up on them.

It is easy to use and provides bank-grade security, thereby eradicating any chances of security breaches. Clustdoc also has the innovative features of e-signatures and online secure payments, thereby enabling business owners to create payment forms with relative ease and success. The authentication features available on these pages are state of the art and pose no vulnerabilities. The themes and formats available with Clustdoc client portal are very engaging and easy to understand, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and ensuring a good experience. It is also perfect as a job application plugin for WordPress, enabling you to create engaging and interactive job application forms for your website.

Choose Clustdoc client portal software, to make sure your business receives client applications in the most effective, efficient, and easy manner.

Tell us in the comments what kind of receive client applications solution that we didn’t talk about should be there!

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